Bag Enigma Stone Sprite
The Enigma Stone (Japanese: なぞのすいしょう Enigmatic Crystal) is a key event item obtainable via Wi-Fi in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It is the first event item for Template:Game. The Enigma Stone is very similar to the Eon Ticket. Like the Generation III event item, the Stone will trigger the appearance of the Eon Pokémon not found roaming in the version being played. In HeartGold, this is Latios; in SoulSilver, this is Latias. If it is taken to the Pewter Museum of Science, traveling Pokémon Champion Steven Stone will have a researcher examine it, who discovers that it is really the Soul Dew, an item said to be the crystallized souls of Latias and Latios. After this brief encounter, depending on the game version, one of the twin Eon Pokémon will attack the Template:Player, presenting the opportunity for it to be captured. It will keep returning to the same spot until captured. This item was available via Wi-Fi to the Japanese versions of the games from November 27, 2009 to January 11, 2010. It is available in English versions during July 31, 2010 to August 27, 2010.

How To Get Enigma StoneEdit

To be able to get the Enigma Stone, you will need to have Wi-Fi that is the step. You will also need Mystery Gift (which is included as soon as you start Pokemon Heartgold, or Soulsilver).

Step #1Edit

Turn on your game, and select "MYSTERY GIFT" from the main menu. If this is your first time

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